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 == This e-mail is an automatic reminder. ==
== If there is any inquiry, please reply to ==

Dear Hajdu-San

Thank you for your reservation. Here are the procedures for CHECK IN.

(1). Visit Sakura House office

Before going to your guesthouse/apartment, you need to come to our office in Shinjuku
during the business hours to sign the lease agreement, pay the rent, and receive the keys.

  Business hours: 8:50 a.m. to 20:00 p.m., 7days a week except New Year’s Holidays
  Phone: +81-3-5330-5250 *from inside Japan 03-5330-5250
  Address:  Nishi-Shinjuku K1 Building 2F, 7-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku,
            Tokyo 160-0023 (address in Japanese)
  Map: https://www.sakura-house.com/english/premise/map/officemap.htm

Our office is located 7 minutes walk from Shinjuku station West exit. Please print office map
from above.

(2). Check in at our office

You need the followings to check in.

 1. Passport with a valid visa

    Temporary visa is acceptable.
    * We do not accept the photocopy of a Passport or Alien registration card.

 2. First month rent

    We accept the rent-payment in cash (Japanese Yen) and by credit card (VISA/MasterCard).
    * We do not accept foreign currencies and traveler’s check.
    All new residents need to come to our office in person. If you are a group of 2 or more persons, each of you needs to come to our office and sign the lease agreement.

 3. Contact information

    Before signing the lease agreement, we ask you to fill out your contact information in the case of emergency.  Please bring the contact information of your family in your home country (parents’) and your friend/employment/school in Japan.

    The contact information of your home country must be the one of your family member besides yourself.  Complete name, address, and phone number are required.

    Lack of information will result in the cancellation of your reservation. In the case, the deposit is not refundable.

(3). Off to your room !!

After signing the lease agreement, you will receive the instruction of staying at Sakura House and the map to go to your premises.  Our staff do not accompany you to your room.
If you have any problems, please call our office (03-5330-5250.)

After office hours, if you need emergency assistance please call Sakura Hotel Jimbocho (03-3261-3939.)

Thank you again for your reservation and we are looking forward to meeting you soon !!

*From Narita International airport to Shinjuku
It takes 90 mins to 120 mins to go to Shinjuku. Please be sure to leave the airport before 17:30 P.M.
If your flight is delayed, please call our office.  In the case, we may ask you to stay at Sakura Hotel/Hostel for the night and come to our office on the next day.

== Please note: (If registered on our waiting list,)               ==
== once your reservation is completed, the record will be deleted. ==
== If you are interested in another room and/or the building, and  ==
== would like to make another reservation, please re-enter         ==
== your name on our waiting list.  Thank you.                      ==

Sakura House Co., Ltd.
Nishi-Shinjuku K-1 Bldg. 2F
7-2-6 Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,TOKYO
JAPAN 160-0023
web: https://www.sakura-house.com
e-mail: info@sakura-house.com
Phone: +81-(0)3-5330-5250 (03-5330-5250)
Fax: +81-(0)3-5330-5251 (03-5330-5251)

== This e-mail is an automatic reminder. ==
== If there is any inquiry, please reply to ==

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